In the image only the frame model is shown. The frame color or filter color may be different.
Protection levels
190-315 OD 6 D LB6 IR LB3
315-532 OD 8 D LB6 IR LB8 M LB7Y
800-1105 OD 3 DIR LB3
850-1090 OD 4 DIR LB4
905-1080 OD 5 DIR LB5
945-1070 OD 6 DIR LB6
970-1068 OD 7 D LB6 IR LB7 M LB7Y
1000-1065 OD 8 D LB6 IR LB8 M LB7Y
10600 DI LB4


Laser Safety Eyewear
Frame colour: white/grey
Filter colour: dark orange
Filter material: polycarbonate
VLT: 25%

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